Things to know before getting a photo booth for your next event

Photo booths add charm to your event. They make an event lively and entertaining. A dull and drab event can suddenly become interesting if the guests find out there is a photo booth. To make sure your event is a huge success, you can add a photo booth. Many worry about the prices before getting a photo booth. To know about photo booth hire in Melbourne prices, you can check out Boothalicious, which provides amazing quality photo booths at reasonable prices.

Many people choose to make a photo booth themselves. It’s all well and good if you can invest the time and effort into creating a booth. But you can also rent a photo booth for some hours at your event. Here are a few things to keep in mind before renting a booth.


Don’t make it too small

Sometimes when people want to squeeze the Photobooth into the budget, they make the Photobooths boring and small. Small photo booths aren’t bad till you have to take a group picture. Everyone can’t come in the frame if the Photobooth is too small. That’s why you need to pay attention to the size of the booth. At weddings, it is great to have an open-air booth so that you can fit in with all the guests.

Customize your booth

Size isn’t the only thing that matters. You also need to pay attention to the quality of the booth. If you invest good money in the booth, the style it yourself. With Boothalicious, you can share your ideas and customize your dream booth. You can decide the theme you want the booth to follow, the type of pictures you want, the quality of the camera, and the size of pictures. Hire a booth rental company that can understand your needs and bring your idea to life, with an entertaining booth corner at your event.

Check if the company provides an attendant

Photo booths are for fun. You want to wear funny costumes, give awkward poses, and want to hear the camera click. Every photo booth needs an attendant. You can’t leave the photo booth unmanned. If it’s a family event and kids are running around, they can mess up the booth. Contact the photo booth rental company and ask them whether they provide an attendant. At Boothalicious they provide an attendant who guides you at the Photobooth and can also take high-quality pictures.

Make it classy

You can’t hire just any photo booth rental. What happens if you click a fantastic picture, and the image is grainy? You need to get quality pictures, that you can get enlarged later on. A glossy premium print photograph will make you happy as well as the guests. You can also customize the photo strips to match your event’s theme.

Photo booths are on the rise. They are all the rage now, and everyone wants a photo booth at their event. There are many photo booth companies out there, but choose the one which offers you impeccable photography and appealing ambiance.

Post Author: Susan Van